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Moving Forward


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EuroTech Engineering Mission & Objectives Health & Safety Environmental Training Procedures Customer Care Our Keyboard

Provide our clients with a highly skilled workforce under regular supervision and given training where needed. Enable our clients to reduce their maintenance bills through regular professional servicing offered by us.

Provide our clients with the correct service and consultation in order to maintain low energy consumption and a greener environmental operation whenever possible. Build and maintain customer satisfaction.

Achieve the highest standard level of work at very competitive rates.

At EuroTech Engineering we understand the importance of providing local support via a single point of contact, to address the customer service issues you may have.

Every year we recognize and reward EuroTech Engineering employees who have demonstrated particular distinction and achievement in providing benefits for our customers through outstanding customer service. The Awards act as a motivator for staff throughout our organisation and contribute significantly towards building a culture centred around delivering customer service excellence.


We will be looking for any available opportunities to enable us to improve our services and commitment to our clients. Maintain a long-term relationship with our clients providing them with the highest quality of work. Enable EuroTech Engineering to be the supplier of choice to our clients. To continue providing our quality service at competitive prices.

On-going dialogue at a site level is critical if EuroTech Engineering is to understand our customer's needs, stay abreast of current and impending changes in your company and on site and place focus in areas where we can provide maximum benefit. To achieve this, we hold regular meetings with our customers to share information as well as review site service performance identify and agree actions to address issues and make joint plans for the future.

Mission Statement